ICT Security

List of ICT Security Resources

List of useful ICT security related websites: Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERT/CC): http://www.cert.org/ Research and Education for Cyber Security: http://www.ists.dartmouth.edu/ Organization of 170 incident response teams: http://www.first.org/ SysAdmin, Audit, Network, and Security (SANS) Institute: http://www.sans.org/ Information sharing between private industry and the U.S. government: https://www.infragard.org/ Information Systems Security Association (ISSA): http://www.issa.org/ Information about security vulnerabilities and threats: https://www.nsi.org/ Computer Security…

Cyber Security

Five Stages of IT Security

Along with the infographic about “Tackling Businesses’ Most Wanted: Security“, Bill Keyworth and Dr. Paul Strassmann, from the IDC with the same sponsorship from Fortinet, have also released an additional article, “IDC Maturity Scape: Five Stages of IT Security” for ICT security experts to improve security awareness and settings. This is a more descriptive establishment.

Parrot Security – The Best Alternative to Kali Linux

Penetration Testing Operating System Backtrack Linux and Kali Linux (the later version of Backtrack) are widely known by many cyber security specialists for security measurement and forensics. Kali Sana, the latest version of Backtrack or Kali, which has more interesting features, is scheduled to release today; yet, not many people know about its alternative, Parrot Security. Parrot Security is a Debian…