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Startup is the New Black
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Startup is the New Black

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Startup is the New Black is a short documentary about the startup culture of South Florida as told through interviews with several companies that are at various stages of the process. The film covers how that got started, the South Florida startup culture, and advice for those attempting their own startup.

Among the interviews were:

  1. Brad Liff, founder of Fitting Room Social.
  2. The Scandar Sisters, co-founders of
  3. Anca Bettencourt, founder of Penny’s Dreamology.
  4. Mitali Saxena, founder of a mobil app called Fashom.
  5. Cristina Llanos founder of Lost in Lusso.
  6. Larisa Jevtovic, founder of Shopping Minute.
  7. Tatiana Torres, founder of Furor Moda.
  8. As well as recent MIU graduate and fashion designer Pilar Tarrau.
  9. Neil Ramsay, a specialist in startup operations acts as the guide through the film.



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