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You Pay Me Or Go To Jail
Photo Credit To Singapore Police Force

You Pay Me Or Go To Jail

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Cyber Scam is a wide spread extortion which victims have fallen into tricks in many ways. Some of those could be made via online service, online dating, and social network. It started with luring the victims and might take days to months before they attack. Some people might be innocently involved.

One of the true stories has been filmed by the Singapore Police Force, it started with a fake online massage service advertisement with extra services to lure the victims. Once the victims had fallen into the trick, the syndicate members will demand compensation.

Here are some useful advice to prevent yourself from such extortion:

  1. Inform Police immediately if you meet similar situation
  2. Exercise caution when dealing with strangers online
  3. Do not remit or transfer money to people whom you do not know well
  4. Limit those who can see your photo in social media
  5. Always check identity
  6. Never lend someone your account’s credentials (bank account, ATM card and password, social media account, email account,..etc)

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Post source : Singapore Police Force

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