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Standard Password
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Standard Password

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Mostly, people use their date of birth, phone number, name, workplace,… as their password. They love an easy password without caring what might be happening to them; yet, some others already suffered from those easy passwords. Some might be jobless, or commit suicide!

If it is easy to remember, it will be easy to be guessed! 


The below are the DON’Ts and DOs for your password:


  • Who you are
  • What you have
  • Where you are
  • Who you with

ie: Date of birth, Phone number, anything about you…


  • Strength: combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols with 8 characters long as minimum. Try to avoid words from dictionary.

i.e: x73#PPyes, !your*1Qu,…

  • Password aging: Should be regularly update (ie 3 months)
  • Username and password shouldn’t be stored at the same place and/or send within one message


Hope this short article would help you to protect your data and credential information. 🙂



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