Victor C. Sovichea received his MSc. of Computing from RMIT University in Australia. He specialize in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics.

To me, building a good cyber space is not only about working with cyber technical people, but it’s also about sharing knowledge to the public to aware of the threats and risks from using modern technology.


CEHv8 Module 08: Sniffing

CEHV8 Module 01 Introduction to Ethical Hacking CEHv8 Module 02 Footprinting and Reconnaissance CEHv8 Module 03 Scanning Networks CEHv8 Module…

8 CEOs Under 30 Years Old

Have you ever imagined about being a millionaires? at what age? These below guys are self-made millionaires under their 30 years old,…

The Bridge

I remember once, while I was young, my grandpa asked me after I arrived his house at the province “Grandson,…

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