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Know the Relationship Between Leadership and Motivation
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Know the Relationship Between Leadership and Motivation

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What is motivation?

Motivation is an object-oriented characteristic that assists an individual to achieve his goals. It drives a person to work hard at attaining his or her objectives. An executive should have the exact leadership attributes to influence motivation. However, there is no particular blueprint for motivation.

What is leadership?

Leadership is a process through which a decision-making authority can direct, steer and influence the work and performance of others towards achievement of specific objectives in a known situation. It is the skill of a manager to persuade the subordinates to work with zeal and confidence. Leadership makes a person keep an open outlook on human nature. It assists an individual to know the different requirements of his or her subordinates that will certainly simplify the decision-making process.

Leadership and motivation

Leadership is a vital function of administration that assists to maximize effectiveness and to attain organizational goals. Both a manager as well as an employee is supposed to possess the attributes of leadership and motivation. An efficient leader is required to have a thorough familiarity of the motivational aspects of others. He should understand the basic requirements of workers, peers and his superiors. Leadership is exercised as a way of motivating others.

A basic view of motivation

Some of the most important principles that summarize the basic view of motivation include:

Harmonize and complement the needs of the subordinates with the organizational requirements. As a leader, the decision-making authority must make sure that the company has the same ethics and morals that he seeks in his workers. He is supposed to ensure that his subordinates are cheered and trained in a way that meets the requirements of the company.

Approval and incentives are the vital motivators that persuade an individual to attain a desired objective. Rewarding superior or outstanding behavior by means of a small gesture of appreciation, letter or certificate can be a grand motivator. If a credential is awarded to an individual, it should talk about the meticulous act or the excellence for which the person is being rewarded.

Being an exemplar is a key motivator, as well, which influences people in attaining their goals. A leader is supposed to set a good role model to guarantee his people to cultivate and attain their goals successfully.

Encouraging people to get concerned with planning and vital problem resolution process will not only motivate them, but it will also teach them the intricacies of these important decision-making factors. Furthermore, it will assist everyone to get a healthier understanding of their part in the organization. The communication will be unmistakable and will definitely attract acknowledgement and approval from the leader.

Building up ethics and team spirit definitely has a key impact on the welfare of an organization. The emotional or mental state of an individual constitutes his or her ethical fabric. The decisions and actions of a leader will have an effect on the self-confidence of his subordinates. Therefore, he is supposed to be responsive to his activities and decisions at all times. Team spirit is the essence of the organization. The leader is always supposed to ensure that his subordinates take pleasure in carrying out their duties as a group and craft themselves a part of the plan of the organization.

A leader is supposed to step into the subordinates’ shoes and view things from the angle of the subordinates. He has to sympathize with them during hard times. Empathizing with their private problems will make them both emotionally and mentally stronger.

An accomplished meaningful and challenging work inculcates a sense of attainment among workers. The leaders should make their workers feel they are carrying out an important job that is essential for the welfare and success of the organization. This motivational feature drives them to accomplish goals.


It should be understood that both leadership and motivation are mutually related. To turn into an efficient leader, you are required to be self-motivated. You should know your individuality, your requirements and you should have a strong urge to carry out anything to attain your goal. You will be capable of motivating others to attain their goals only when you have become a self-motivated person. You will also be capable of harmonizing their private goals with the common objectives of the organization.



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