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Invest in Employees
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Invest in Employees

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There are lots of debate discussing which one is more important between employee and customer. Perhaps, client is the reason to light up the company, but smart employers would have realised that customers wouldn’t exist if there is no hard work employees. Ideally, as suggested, employers shall treat their workers the same as they treat to their best clients, because employees are parts of the company.

Invest in employees, and they will invest in the company.

There are three stages to invest in your employees:

  1. Recruitment: When there is new employee need, the company shall showing off the company’s profile and highlight employee’s testimonials to the public. Inspire potential candidate with company’s and employee’s achievements. It’s not different from marketing campaign for potential clients.
  2. Development: Both newly recruited employee(s) and existing employees need ongoing development. Organisational and customer’s success begins with employee’s success. So employers shall give them enough tools and skills to implement their duties.
  3. Retention: Encourage employees to give feedback to the company in the same way as getting feedback from clients. Their feedbacks are very important to create and maintain positive environment in the company.





Post source : MATT STRAZ, Entrepreneur

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