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Get Off Your Comfort Zone to Develop Yourself
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Get Off Your Comfort Zone to Develop Yourself

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Success, prosperity, health and wellness are becoming increasingly difficult to achieve. This can be blamed on various factors and challenges that the modern generation faces from day to day. From sedentary lifestyles to tight work schedules that leave no time for individual growth, many have become accustomed to operating in a specific way which results in devastating dependability. Nonetheless, there are several people who have achieved much success and prosperity through personal development and continuous learning. Quite a number of aspects are involved when it comes to success and development. The path towards growth and prosperity is never a simple walk in the park, but it requires one to get off their comfort zone and work towards achieving their goals.

What hinders personal development?

Essentially, every person has a strong willpower and ambition to become successful and happier in their life. However, only a few have been able to achieve remarkable success to be considered prosperous. This is because many things hinder personal development (which entails creativity and increased knowledge). Some of the major challenges in personal growth include the following:

  • Remaining in the comfort zone – As aforementioned, achieving personal growth and success will require one to get off their comfort zone. Most people have become fond of thinking, reasoning, observing, analyzing and living in a certain way. Their practices have become a routine habit that is hard to kick and get frightened or less interested when new thoughts emerge. Personal development is all about progression which includes opening up and sometimes fully embracing new ideas, thoughts and ways to doing things. If you stick to your comfort zone, you may not be able to know what lies on the other side and it simply means you are failing to exploit your options. Those who are accustomed to their ways are prone to fear of new methods and risks.
  • Falling for distractions – There are many distractions in life including several which hinder personal development. Most people tend to try out almost everything they can grab. It is important to work on specific fields and projects and learn how to perfect your skills to achieve the set goals. Jumping from one thing to another will prevent you from acquiring sufficient knowledge and skills to become better at whatever it is you do. Unfortunately this is not the only distraction. The mind is easily distracted and issues of boredom, distress, fatigue and delaying results can quickly demoralize the body. It is therefore important to find the determination to stick around despite challenges and distractions. They will only demotivate you from keeping up with the work and getting things done.
  • Poor awareness – Before starting up a business or any project aimed at generating income, it is only wise to conduct comprehensive research in relevance to the project. This will bring in valuable insights that can be used to elude common mistakes. This is the same approach used in achieving personal development. Negative thoughts and energy, bad unhealthy habits and lifestyle practices are mostly as a result of poor awareness. When looking to work towards success and development, it is important to have a strong foundation of truth and facts. Not all opportunities are exploitable and conventional agreements may not be the best approaches to rely on in all situations.

There are many other minor factors that hinder personal development although they fall under the three categories above. Issues such as procrastination fear of failure, blame-game, laziness and impatience all lead to less and less development. It is important to make effective plans that are viable. However, it is more important to take actions that will move you closer to achieving the set objectives. Anything that does not lead to one or more of your goals should be considered as distraction. This way, you can maintain the focus and determination to grind the work until its yields become apparent.


Personal development and success must never be looked from a financial perspective alone. They involve establishing better, safer, more researched principles, ideas and methods in all aspects. Since development and prosperity are chiefly concerned with happiness and satisfaction, issues of health, reputation and wealth are fundamental elements. Growing and achieving success involves working on a way to turn from bad lifestyle practices and choices by swapping them with good practices that contribute towards your goals. The simple steps in this road include positive thinking, healthy living, researching information and taking actions.



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