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Edward and the Paris Attacks
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Edward and the Paris Attacks

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CAUTION: This is for educational purpose ONLY!

A week after Paris Attacks, Edward Snowden, the former CIA employee and the former government contractor of the National Security Agency who has leaked top secret information of the U.S. and its allies, has been blamed for the terror attacks with the cause of sharing data encryption techniques.

“Both the current CIA director John Brennan and his predecessor James Woolsey claimed in separate interviews that leaks by the former contractor taught Islamist terrorists how to use encryption and avoid standard means of electronic communication to evade detection.” – 20, 2015

This article is not about finding the facts behind the scene or what Edward has done, but this is to analyse the bold key-phrase which enables cyber security researchers to get a useful clue for their studies as well as to proof the correctness of my talks in the public speakings so far about cryptography.

With the high-lighted phrase, whether it’s purposely or mistakenly, the CIA leaders have clearly told us that “if the terrorists use their own encryption algorithms, the CIA, NSA, and/or other intelligent agencies will found it hard or not be able to decrypt or detect their data”. In other words, we could say “by using the standard encryption and communication methods, the agencies will be able to decrypt or detect it easily”.

I remember there were audiences at the Defence Saturday 7 asked me how to be safe from eavesdropping, forensics and investigation, etc. My only suggestion is to create your own tools with your own cryptography algorithms.


I hope this short article is useful for cyber security fellows for their further researches.

We Pray for Victims Around the World!



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