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DOs and DON’Ts When Using Social Networks
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DOs and DON’Ts When Using Social Networks

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Social Network is a systematic website or tool which allows users to communicate each other by sharing information, messages, images, videos, comments, etc. It has became part of life of Internet’s users. Many people receives benefits from it while some don’t. Therefore, I would like to share some tips which advise all users on what to do and what not to do when using social network.


  • Don’t publish information that identifies you
  • Don’t upload inappropriate pictures
  • Don’t give apps permission before verifying
  • Don’t use inappropriate language
  • Don’t make online presence all about you
  • Don’t mix wall posts and personal messages


  • Choose sensible, strong, and hard-to-guess password
  • Know the privacy settings
  • Be selective when adding friends
  • Stop and think before you click
  • Use fully protected computers/devices

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