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Customer Analysis

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Customer is the KING, is a widely know phrase among business people; yet, not many people know the rule to keep their clients come back to their store. Many start-ups failed while some could compete the market well. I have recently came across an article mentioning about Customer Analysis which offers some good tips for shop owner.

First of all, for online store in particular, the merchants have to clearly identify the facts between visitor and customer.

  • Visitor is someone you do not know and he/she browses your store.
  • Customer is someone that registered and made purchase transaction throughout your store.

Attracting Visitors

Getting high volume of visitors is an effective way to increase shop’s popularity. If you do not have any activities, the amount of visitors will be just stable or decline rapidly. Few suggestions are made below to attract more visitors:

  • Producing advertisement campaign,
  • Offering promotions, sales and contests will get lots of attention and curiosity toward to your store. Website Traffic will be the return in the method, and
  • Producing a good spelling and clarity of the product’s description will be another advantage.

Considering the Customer’s Profile

Before going to approach customers, we have to put our attention on the different types of buyers.

  • A customer is called “spontaneous” or “impulsive” when making a purchase unpremeditated at the mere sight of a product, or its conditions of sale.
  • A purchase is called “planned” when the client takes the time to study each piece of information about a product, to compare this product to existing competitors on the market, and/or to reflect its purchase and the consequences.

Therefore, a promotion may convince a spontaneous buyer, while you have to study on the competitive market to approach a planning buyer.

Customer Loyalty

Taking care of existing customer is more profitable than approaching a new one! Word of Mouth from them could make your sales trend higher or lower; so, make them happy is the key.

  • Get your client any of the promotions/personalized gifts – either products or service – in their special day, vouchers, discount, refund, coupon,…etc.
  • Give away loyalty card/points. This will not only promote communication between shop and customer, but also benefits to clients with special discount.

Enliven the Shop

Offers and advertising will encourage clients and visitors to interact with the shop.

  • Newsletter: regularly send emails to customers registering in your mailing list. This will inform them about new products or features of your shop.
  • Polls and surveys: get user’s experience from using the shop’s service or products.
  • Contests: Launch competitions related to your shop to get promotional offer or gifts.
  • Discussion forum: Offer community or forum zone to get visitors, customers and you get communicated and learn about user’s experience.
  • Chatting: Online chat to support online visitors and customers.

I believe the above four main points will effectively help business owners to get more customers. All the best!



Post source : PrestaShop

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