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Brain Health and Food
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Brain Health and Food

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Eating the right foods leads to wellness of the brain. Just like any other organ of the body, the brain requires nutrients for better function. Not all foods are good for the brain, hence careful consideration must be put in place as this will ensure that the brain is well nourished. The following foods play a fundamental function in nourishing the brain:

Whole grains

Like many organs in the body, the brain requires energy for better function. For the brain to concentrate and focus properly; a steady and adequate supply of energy is required and all these can be obtained from whole grains. It is recommended that grains with a low glycemic index be consumed as compared to those with high glycemic index. This is because low glycemic index grains supply glucose to the bloodstream slowly thus keeping the brain alert the whole day. Brown pasta, wheat bran and whole cereals are some of the grains which will guarantee brain health. Sifted grains are not recommended as they release glucose quickly to the blood which is unhealthy.

Oily fish

Fish is chiefly known because it is a good source of protein of high quality. However, fish also contains essential oils which the body cannot synthesize hence must be supplied from the diet in order to perform special brain health nourishment. Omega-3-fatty acids are important for brain health and they increase performance and alertness. In children, the formation of the brain requires these oils and must be supplied from the diet. Some other plant sources such as the flax seed oils and soya bean oils contain omega-3-fatty acids and omega -6- fatty acids. Insufficient levels of these fatty acids have been associated with a number of disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.


The binge present in blueberries is very essential when it comes to the health of the brain. The binge is responsible in combating problems with memory loss, a problem which many people tend to associate with old age. Blueberries are widely available and therefore no excuse of memory loss. Consume them as often as it is practically possible.


Tomatoes have a number of important components which contribute greatly to the health of the brain. These components include antioxidant properties and lycopene. These two components are essential in ensuring that they combat free radicals in the body. If the radicals are not combated, then they damage the health of the brain. It is therefore recommended that tomatoes be consumed as much as possible to take care of the free radicals.

Pumpkin seeds

The flesh of the pumpkin and even leaves is what is majorly considered as food across the world. The seeds are usually thrown away. However, the seeds form an important source of zinc which is very essential in promoting the functioning of the brain cells and memory. A handful of pumpkin seeds are enough in meeting the daily zinc requirement. For good brain health and function, zinc is necessary and this can be acquired from pumpkin seeds.


Almost all nuts are rich in vitamin E. The vitamin has antioxidant properties which makes it useful when overcoming oxidation processes in the body. Oxidation reactions in the brain lead to damage of the brain hence lowering its function. The consumption of nuts such as almond nuts supplies the brain with this important nutrient which alleviates most of these oxidation reactions. At the end of it, the brain will be of good health. Other sources of vitamin E include green leafy vegetables. Examples of these vegetables are: asparagus and spinach.


This is another food which is rich in monounsaturated fats which are important in ensuring that there is good flow of blood throughout the body. When there is a good flow of blood throughout the body, then good healthy is attained and this extends to the brain. Healthy flow of blood means healthy brain. Avocados are responsible in lowering the levels of pressure as elevated levels of pressure lead to a decline in the levels of cognitive capabilities. A low level of blood pressure promotes good health of the brain.

Pomegranate juice

The juice from pomegranate or even taking the flesh of the fruit supplies the body with powerful antioxidant properties. The antioxidant properties are responsible in protecting the brain from damage from free radicals.

The type of food consumed determines the health of the brain. Careful choice of food guarantees brain health hence a strong relationship between brain health and food.



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