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Welcome to I Know I Write!

I read at least one article a day, and I usually write a short note of it in my personal notebook if there is any interesting point. Making a short note after reading will help me to understand better about the article as my brain will process the information for the summary. And the notes will be useful someday later.

Several months ago, I had questioned myself if I should keep it private or share it to the public to learn what I have got because I hesitated with my poor writing as I am not a native English speaker nor a good writer. But after reconsideration, today, I have to follow NIKE’s word “Just Do It”. No one start from perfect.

Thus, this blog is initiated as an electronic notebook which stores all the summary of my readings. What’s more, people can get a copy or continuously share it to the public freely.

I am looking forward to getting supports and comments to make this blog better for all of us.


Sovichea CHEAT (Mr.)
aka. Victor C. Sovichea
Master of Computing, RMIT University, Australia
June 22nd, 2015


Queenstown, New Zealand 2012
Queenstown, New Zealand 2012