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Healthy Dieting Tips For Busy People
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Healthy Dieting Tips For Busy People

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It can seem really difficult to diet if you have a busy lifestyle because coming up with nutritious meal ideas and cooking them can be time consuming. It’s not like you can order a quick calorie laden takeaway because this can affect the diet in a bad way. Let’s take a look at some ways you can make dieting easier, in addition to some healthy food ideas, no matter how busy you are.

General Tips and Tricks

  • Planning is everything when it comes to dieting and pretty much everything else in life. As the saying goes – “fail to prepare and prepare to fail”. Making a meal plan and shopping list will ensure that you know exactly what to eat and when to eat it. This means you are less likely to give in and eat processed/quick food, mainly because you won’t have it in the house! Meal plan every week and do a big shop where you buy everything that you need. You might need to do a “top up shop” during the week for fresh fruits and vegetables but that’s pretty much it.
  • Finding a few staple healthy meals that you like, cooking them in bulk and freezing them is a really good idea. It means that you will always have food on hand if you have a particular busy day and you just need to heat it up. So many people waste food because they don’t realize that many meals can be frozen and eat at a later date, so this is definitely worth doing if you are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle.
  • Meals do not need to be complicated and filled with fancy ingredients to be nutritious. In fact, usually the fewer ingredients the better because this means there are less additives. For lunch and dinner, you should always try and get some kind of vegetable into your dish but vegetables require very little preparation anyway. Cutting up your portion of veg beforehand and storing them in airtight containers mean that you know exactly how much you need for every meal. You can do this kind of portion control with other food too including nuts, seeds, yogurt and the occasional treat (like dark chocolate or frozen sorbet). If calorie counting appeals to you then go for it but if you are busy, you probably won’t have time for this. It’s really a question of using your common sense when preparing foods and not overeating.
  • Wake up a little earlier and prepare whatever you are going to eat for the day. This will drastically cut down the cooking/preparation time of the meals and snacks in question, which will make healthy eating more appealing to you.
  • Water is so important when you are dieting, it has so many benefits including suppressing the appetite and flushing out bad toxins from your body. Make sure that you take a bottle of water with you wherever you go, drink from it and refill it regularly to ensure that you are getting several liters every day.

Meal ideas

You can now find some quick breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas for when you are dieting but have a busy lifestyle, so need to make it quick. These are just examples, you might not like any of them or want to own your own dishes. You can also look online for inspiration because there are lots of healthy but delicious recipes on the web.

  • Breakfast ideas – Whole wheat toast with a boiled egg, Greek yogurt or a fruit smoothie.
  • Lunch ideas – Grilled salmon and vegetables, chicken stir fry or a vegetable curry with brown rice.
  • Snacks – Fruit, nuts, seeds, dark chocolate, granola and boiled eggs.
  • Dinner ideas – Chicken salad, soup (which you can cook and freeze in bulk) or ham and egg pitta bread.


Now that you know that it is possible to diet and come up with a proper plan no matter how busy you are, you really have no excuses. Coming up with a meal-plan is definitely a good starting point and healthy foods really don’t take as long to prepare/cook as what you would think. If you really want to lose weight and become a healthier person, you will put in the effort and after a while, this will become like second nature to you.



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