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Personal Development

  • The Secret, Law of Attractions

    The Secret, Law of Attractions By Rhonda Byrne Ask, Believe, Receive

  • Who moved my cheese?

    This is a great animation based on a best selling book "Who Moved My Cheese" by Spencer Johnson, 1998. It teach...


Product Analysis for Successful Sales

After releasing an article about Customer Analysis, some questions have been raised on how to be suc...

Quotes & Tips

Standard Password

Mostly, people use their date of birth, phone number, name, workplace,... as their password. They lo...

9 Steps to Evaluate Real Estate

It is very important to evaluate real estate property before you finance any real estate deal. Real...

Study Notes

The 12 English Tenses

Grammar is an important rule of languages around the world. Without proper grammar, there will be mi...

Edward and the Paris Attacks

CAUTION: This is for educational purpose ONLY! A week after Paris Attacks, Edward Snowden, the forme...